Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Oligarchy in the Philippines

Forget issues on population, education, environment, pollution, crime & recession.

The number one problem in the Philippines is the prevalent oligarchy: the concentration of power in a few members of the elite.

To be clear, let me enumerate whom I think are the modern members of Philippine oligarchy:

  • Political families that have members in different positions in local or national government for generations.
  • Politicians and their relatives who have been there for the past 4 administrations (since the time of Marcos).
  • Movie, TV, Sports celebrities/politicians.
  • The richest families in the country that support some or all the political parties equally to make sure their interests are protected.
  • The emerging "Lords": Drug Lords, Kidnap Lords, Smuggling Lords & 'Praise the Lord's.
  • The leaders of different churches and religious sects.
  • The business sector leaders

Basically, people who by reason of birth or circumstance belong to the elite circle that decides this country's fate.

I wouldn't mind if they would decide on things that would benefit the country. 

(Ok... that's being unrealistic. Let me revise that.)

I wouldn't mind if the corruption to benefit ratio is at least acceptable, but as time passes the ruling elite are starting to act with impunity and thoughtlessness as to the general plight of the majority.

They argue like fishmonger's wives in the market as to who's the top dog often using the 'poor masses' as banners to further their own interests. Oftentimes they just broker power amongst themselves anyway throwing aside whatever causes they used to get there.

Masses, I hope we all wake up to the fact that we're just being used as body count in this travesty of Democracy.

Sadly, I know we won't or we will only when loved ones start disappearing, getting tortured or killed. I attribute this to our tendency to keep our heads down brought by historical and cultural blah blah blah...

That leaves me only one recourse.

I'll just kill the really bad or prominent oligarchs with the curse of THE GINOSAJI

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